Blessed Goldens

Perfect picture to show different shades. (not our dogs)

Cyrus's coat is a #10 on the golden retriever color scale, Dark golden (red)

Aurora's coat is a lighter 

golden #4

Eva is about a #5

Grace is an #8

Sir Cyrus The Great
Aurora Borealis XV
Sweet Eva of Life


Gods Given Grace


Aurora and Cyrus's pups are here!  D.O.B. 

Oct. 4th, 2017

5 Females and 1 male

Sire and Dams

Cyrus with gorgeous

deep red golden color 


Our  Precious Golden’s

  Aurora, Cyrus, Eva and Grace ​

Golden’s are such a special breed, hence they live up to that 24-karat name. They’re beautiful, friendly, intelligent, fun and oh so playful.  Their loving personality is unmistakable!  They want to be with you, eager to please and that highly trainable temperament is what’s so desired.  I fell in love with this breed and want to share this with you.  My dogs are NOT kenneled, they are part of my family first, breeding is second.

​AKC registered