​Upcoming litters & due dates:

Yara x Zeus - Born Nov. 3rd 2021

(dark red litter #8-#10, 70-75lbs)

Bella x Thor - Due Nov. 20th 2021

​(med. to dark litter, #5-#10, 75lb)

Quinn x Zeus -  Due Nov. 27th 2021
(dark red litter #8-10, 70-75lbs

Gaia x Thor -  Due Dec. 10th 2021
(Dark coats #8-#10, 65lb)

Iris x Odin - Due Dec. 15th 2021

(light to dark coats, 75-80lbs)

Lucy x Thor - Due Dec. 15th 2021

(Med. coats, 75-80lbs)

Spring litters planned

Star x Thor  dark red coats

Usha x Zeus - Dark red coats

Artemis x Thor - med. coats

Elti x Odin - light to med. coats

Athena x Thor - med. coats

Freya x Zeus - Dark red coats

See parents pictures below!

Please note, all future planned litters will happen depending on Dams health - emotional and physical, vet clearance and heat cycle.  

Please note:  I reserve the right to keep one puppy from any one litter *Fist pick  (I will usually know which one, if any, by the age of 6 wk. old., before puppy picking dates.)  Also: some people are double listed but choosing one puppy.  The waitlist can get very long but we most likely will have availability within a couple months, your deposit can always go toward a future litter.   Thank you


Blessed Goldens